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Instruction for Authors

  • Instruction for Authors

    (1) The original manuscript must be an unpublished academic paper in both Chinese and foreign journals. The journal strictly prohibits submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals, submitting multiple manuscripts with repeated content, submitting the same article in different languages, and submitting the same article in different forms. If any of the above situations are discovered, the manuscript will be rejected and the author’s affiliations and relevant journals in the field of hydraulic engineering will be notified. The author’s manuscript will not be accepted in the future.

    (2) Please improve your manuscript according to the format and standards of our journal template (see download center: manuscript template) and make sure your manuscript is the final version before submitting it through our journal submission system (Author Center ( If there are omissions, missing items, or a lack of compliance with writing formats and standards, the manuscript may be rejected.

    (3) The result of manuscript review will be notified to the author in about three months, during which time the author may not submit the manuscript elsewhere. Some manuscripts may have longer review times depending on the availability of reviewers. If the author decides to submit the manuscript to another journal or withdraw, please notify the editorial office. Once the editorial office accepts the manuscript, the author will be notified promptly.
    (4) If the manuscript exceeds the 30-day time limit for revisions, the date of the revised manuscript returned by the author will be regarded as the submission date, and the editorial office has the right to reject the manuscript.

    (5) Before initial review and publication, the manuscript will be checked twice by the plagiarism checking software provided by CNKI. If the similarity rate is between 10% and 30%, the manuscript may be rejected or returned to the author for revision depending on the severity; if the similarity rate is 30% or above, the manuscript will be directly rejected.

    (6) Once the paper is published, the author assumes responsibility for the content. The editorial office has the right to make technical and grammatical modifications to the manuscript, and substantive modifications may be made with the author’s consent. The author must carefully check the proof before printing.

    (7) If the author is found to have committed academic misconduct such as submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals, publishing duplicative content, or fabricating and tampering with data, the journal will directly reject or withdraw the paper and add the author to the “negative list.” The author’s affiliations will be notified, and the journal retains the right to hold the author accountable.

    (8) Once the paper is published in this journal, the author agrees to grant the editorial office the following rights during the copyright protection period: reproduction, distribution, compilation, translation, and information network dissemination rights, including electronic publishing, multimedia publishing and network publishing, etc. The author may cite (or translate) part of the content of the paper in his or her subsequent works or compile it into non-journal collections.

    (9) This journal is an open access journal that allows users to copy and distribute articles for both commercial or non-commercial purposes under the CC-BY-ND 4.0 license: i) when third parties use the work, they must properly attribute the original author and the initial publication journal, include a specific DOI link to the formal publication, and provide a link to the license, but in no way imply that the licensor endorses the third party’s use of the work; ii) third parties are prohibited from distributing any derivative works of the original work, including modifying, splicing, changing the publishing format, or creating other derivative works based on the original work.

    (10) The author needs to pay publishing fee (1500 yuan for up to 5 pages and 400 yuan/page for additional pages beyond 5 pages) before the papers are formally published. Special issues or columns shall be charged at a rate of 400 yuan/page. The editorial office will provide remuneration (50 yuan/page) and send one to three copies of the current journal issue to the author.


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