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  • Comprehensive Management of River Basin
  • River-Lake Protection and Regulation
  • Water Resources
  • Water Environment and Water Ecology
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Restoration
  • Water-related Disasters
  • Agricultural Water Conservancy
  • Hydraulics
  • Rock-Soil Engineering
  • Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Hydraulic Structure and Material
  • Informatization of Water Conservancy
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Policy for Page Charge

  • Policy for Fee Charge

    1.  First authors with the affliation of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (the host of the Journal) will be free of any fee charge.

    2.  Manuscripts that have been rejected by the editorial office do not need to pay any fee.

    3.  If the author withdraws the manuscript due to personal reasons after the peer review has been completed, the author shall pay a review fee of 300 yuan and a manuscript processing fee of 100 yuan as required.

    4.  Manuscripts that have been finally accepted will be charged a publishing fee which is dependent on the number of pages before formal publication. The publishing fee for general articles is 1500 yuan for up to 5 pages and 400 yuan/page for additional pages beyond 5 pages; for special issues or columns, the publishing fee is 400 yuan/page.  

    5. Apart from publication fees and withdrawal fees, the Journal charges no other fees.

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