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Manuscript Processing Procedures

  • Manuscript Processing Procedures  

    1. Submission: Submit your manuscript through the editorial system online by logging in to the journal’s website and following the steps to enter the manuscript information until the page displays “Submission Successful”.


    2. Receipt: The editor will receive the manuscript and assign it a manuscript number. The system will send the author an email informing them of the successful submission and the assigned manuscript number. If no email is received, please contact WANG Wei of the editorial office (+86 27-82926159).

    3. Initial Screening: The editorial office will conduct a preliminary check on the manuscript’s academic quality and plagiarism, distribute the manuscript to the initial editorial reviewer for peer review if approved. If the manuscript does not pass the initial screening, it will be directly rejected without charge.

    4. Initial Review-Peer Review: To ensure the academic quality of the manuscript, all manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two peer experts after the editorial team completes the initial review. The experts’ primary evaluation criteria are the scientific, innovative, and practical nature of the manuscript. To ensure that peer reviewers can review manuscripts objectively, the peer review process is double-blind, meaning that the reviewer and author identities are kept anonymous.

    5. Final Review: The editor-in-chief will make the final decision on the manuscript based on initial and external reviews. The final decision will be one of three options: modified and accepted, modified and re-reviewed, or rejected.

    6. Editor's Notes: At this stage, authors will need to fill out whether they agree to be prepublished online by CNKI, upload a copyright transfer agreement and OSID voice materials, and provide relevant graphic attachments to the editor.

    7. Waiting for Publication: The accepted manuscript will be edited, processed, and published. If the author has any modification requirements after the manuscript is accepted, they can raise them during the editing process. During the editing process, the author will receive a notification email for “edited draft modification notice.” After editing is completed, the author will receive a “proofreading notice” and a “layout fee payment notice.” If the author wishes to pay the layout fee early once the manuscript is accepted, please contact the initial editorial review editor in the editorial system.

    8. The accepted manuscript will be prepublished online by CNKI within two months after the acceptance, and will officially published about 12 months later.  

    See the figure below for the manuscript processing procedures. For further information on manuscript submission, authors can contact the editorial office. Authors can also refer to the frequently asked questions on the author center page for any problems encountered during the submission process.

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