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  • Comprehensive Management of River Basin
  • River-Lake Protection and Regulation
  • Water Resources
  • Water Environment and Water Ecology
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Restoration
  • Water-related Disasters
  • Agricultural Water Conservancy
  • Hydraulics
  • Rock-Soil Engineering
  • Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Hydraulic Structure and Material
  • Informatization of Water Conservancy
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    1Basic Information

    Website:长江科学院院报 (


    Address: Editorial office of Journal of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute, 

                  oom 906 of Rock and Soil Building, 

                  Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute,

                  Jiuwanfang, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, P.R.China

    Postal code: 430010

    2Phone number

    Director of the editorial office:027-82829904HUANG Ling

    Editor team:

    027-82829904 HUANG Ling, and LIU Yun-fei

    027-82829859 CHEN Min, LUO Yu-lan, and LUO Juan

    027-82926159 ZHAN Xue-jun, and WANG Wei

    027-82829859 YANG Gui-rong(for typesetting and graphics issues

    027-82926185 ZHOU Yun-jie(for finance, invoices, issue distribution, and post mails)

    3Detailed contacts

    1. For inquiries about the progress of the manuscript review, acceptance certificates, or early payment of page fees, please contact the initial reviewer of the manuscript in the submission system.

    2. If the OSID code cannot be logged in or the account does not match, please contact the initial reviewer of the manuscript in the editing system to check if the information is entered correctly.

    3. For inquiries about the publication date after the manuscript is accepted, please contact the director Mrs. HUANG Ling of the editorial office.

    4. For issues related to online initial release, please contact editor LUO Juan. For issues related to the editing system, please contact editor ZHAN Xue-jun.

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