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  • Special Contribution
  • Comprehensive Management of River Basin
  • River-Lake Protection and Regulation
  • Water Resources
  • Water Environment and Water Ecology
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Restoration
  • Water-related Disasters
  • Agricultural Water Conservancy
  • Hydraulics
  • Rock-Soil Engineering
  • Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Hydraulic Structure and Material
  • Informatization of Water Conservancy
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Database Inclusion

  • Database Inclusion

    The Journal of Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute has been included in various databases: 

    the National Chinese Core Journals (Peking University), 

    China Science and Technology Core Journals (ISTIC), 

    China Science Citation Database (CSCD) Core Journals, 

    RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journals, 

    WJCI World Journal Impact Report, CSTA (English version), 

    JST Japan Science and Technology Agency Database, 

    China Academic Journals (CD-ROM) database. 

    The journal is also included in the Russian Abstract Journal, the 2006 Japan Science and Technology Literature Express Database, and the 1998-2003 EI (Engineering Index) Page One. The code for the journal in the international CODEN center of the United States is CKYUE6. It is also held in the fixed collection of the British Library and the library of the German Academy of Sciences in Bonn.



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