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  • Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Hydraulic Structure and Material
  • Informatization of Water Conservancy
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Requirements for Manuscripts

  • Requirements for manuscripts

    Please use the submission template of our journal and follow the requirements below to write and revise your paper. Non-compliance with our journal requirements may result in rejection of the paper.

    (1) The manuscript must be an original and unpublished work by the author(s), free from academic misconduct such as simultaneous submissions, duplicate publications, data fabrication, and plagiarism.

    (2) The manuscript must have a clear thesis, reliable data, concise writing, and must not disclose confidential national information. Each paper should not exceed 12,000 words (including figures and tables). The manuscript should include the author’s contact address, phone number, and email address. If the paper is supported by a national fund, the funding source, project name, and number should be clearly stated. Please provide a brief introduction of the first author on the first page, including name, birth year, gender, ethnicity (Han Chinese can be omitted), birthplace (province, city, or county), job title, major research field, and email address.

    (3) The manuscript format and items should be standardized and arranged in the following order:

    a) Title (up to 25 words);
    b) Author(s) (up to 8 in number), their affiliated institution, city and province, postal code;
    c) Abstract in Chinese and English (Chinese abstract between 300-400 words briefly and accurately stating the purpose, method, results, and main conclusions of the research, while the English abstract should extend the content of the Chinese abstract, with a corresponding number of words exceeding the Chinese abstract);
    d) Keywords (5-8 words, excluding general words);
    e) Chinese Library Classification Code (4th Edition) and Literature Identification Code (A);
    f) Main text with tables and figures (the figure number, title, and table number and title should be clearly stated in the text, and the tables and figures should be translated into English);
    g) References (the reference number should be marked at the corresponding position in the text). Please refer to the specific format of the reference in our submission template.

    (4) Symbols and their units of physical quantities should be in accordance with the legal measurement unit provisions of the People’s Republic of China. All symbols and units used in the manuscript should be written clearly in print form, and subscripts, superscripts, capitalization, italics (usually representing varying physical quantities of variables, constants of physical quantities are written in normal font), and boldface (used for symbols of vectors, tensors, and matrices) should be distinguished. Foreign letters and symbols that are easy to confuse should be explained when first used.

    (5) Only necessary figures and tables should be included in the manuscript. The size of the figures should be appropriate for the content, with width less than 8 cm for small figures and between 12-16 cm for large figures, and the names, symbols, and units of the coordinates in the figures should be complete, with clear lines, text annotations, and symbols. Tables should be presented in three-line format, with simple column headers and maximum width not exceeding 16 cm.

    (6) The chapter and section numbers should be coded in Arabic numerals, starting from the left edge.

    (7) Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will be published online by the CNKI Scholar (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) within 2 months after the author’s consent and be published in print in our journal. 

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